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Dr Victor Fedyashov

Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne

Dr Victor Fedyashov joined the Alzheimer’s stream of the ARC Training Centre as a Research Fellow in April 2019. He is hoping that combining his background in mathematical modelling and computational statistics with other team members’ vast domain expertise will lead to some unexplored avenues and result in a multitude of fresh insights.

Dr Fedyashov obtained his PhD in Mathematics (with specialisation in Probability Theory and Stochastic Analysis) from the University of Oxford in 2016 and has subsequently worked as a quantitative researcher at a hedge fund in London, utilising data mining and machine learning techniques in order to find new signals and build algorithms for predictive statistical modelling. His prior education includes an MSc in Maths and Computer Science from St.Petersburg State University (2010) and an MSc in Quantitative and Computational Finance from ETH Zurich (2012).