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Professor Trevor Cohn

Professor, The University of Melbourne

Dr. Trevor Cohn is a Professor at the University of Melbourne, in the School of Computing and Information Systems. His research interests focus on probabilistic and statistical machine learning for natural language processing, with applications in several areas including machine translation, parsing and grammar induction. Current projects include translating diverse and noisy text sources, deep learning of semantics in translation, rumour diffusion over social media, and algorithmic approaches for scaling to massive corpora. Dr. Cohn has more than 100 research publications, and his research has been recognised by several best paper awards, including best short paper at EMNLP in 2016. He will be jointly organising ACL 2018 in Melbourne. He received Bachelor degrees in Software Engineering and Commerce, and a PhD degree in Engineering from the University of Melbourne. He was previously based at the University of Sheffield, and before this worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.